Torrevieja’s sports clubs are a very active and important part of the Department of Sports and they are responsible for supporting and encouraging the participation of athletes of all ages and types of sport.
Club Deportivo Torrevieja
Ramón 670023504
Torrevieja Soccer Club
Joaquín 696910314
Mare Nostrum Torrevieja Handball Club
Pablo 606108779
Torrevieja Basketball Club
Javier 966111222
Deportivo Athletic Club Torrevieja Futsal
José 654958743
Torrevieja Athletics Club
Antonio 966932387
Torrevieja Snooker Club
Manuel 676966373
Torrevieja Millennium Athletics Club
Cristina 651451353
Torrevieja Tennis Club
Office 966722167
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Sport Fishing Club Grupo Salinas de Torrevieja
Ramón 696841784
Club de Ajedrez Capablanca
Elijah 653359560
Torrevieja Gymnastics Club
Home 633425126
“La colosal” Pigeon-breeding Sports Society
Antonio 680606900
Club de Hockey "In Line" The Hawks Torrevieja
Joaquín Angel 609746441 678436968
Torrevieja Cycling Club
Manuel 667727981
Judo Club Torrevieja
Pepe Pedro 609145758 651076720
Judo Club Nozomi
Mª José 658,206,778
Torrevieja Judo Club
Vicente 607451794
Torrevieja Taekung Boxing Club
Francisco 966701064
Bowling Club "Santina de Covadonga" Asturian Center Torrevieja
Enrique 654312860
Club Racquetball Juan Carlos Torres
Carlos Ruben 659021323 637394392
Darts Club Santana
Jose 637757267
Torrevieja Swimming Club
e-mail.felipelorente @
Felipe 609418776
Fishermen Rowing Club Torrevieja
Moncho 600316385
Assoc. Vela Latina
Juan 966703180
Torrevieja Tigers Rugby Club
José 622727397
Torrevieja Eurobowling Club
Juan 622053117 626751585 Jarmo
Torrevieja Boules Club
Enrique 629658204
Group Recreational Sports Agility Torrevieja
Jose 635413031
Torrevieja Boxing Club
Emiliano 657030719
Torrevieja Cricket Club
Graham 966753375
Torrevieja Imas Sports Club
Mafalda Lucho 654534479 671992488
Paddle Club Torrevieja
Abraham 649533136
Assoc. Friends Walkers Torrevieja
Maria 620062040
Modernization Triathlon Club Torrevieja
José 637762520
Club Voleibol Torrevieja
Alejandro 666682001
La Mata Surfing Club
Juan 648648649
Real Club Náutico de Torrevieja
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RCNT 965710112/08